Linen Boxers Made Just For You

Linen sheets. Linen comforter. Linen curtains. You love linen and all its fine qualities...and now, you can own linen boxers. Maybe you’re attracted to the relaxed appearance and rumpled texture of linen, or perhaps it’s the timeless style and custom made fit that has brought you to our products. Now you can capture that same texture and custom made fit with our line of men’s boxers.

Gets Softer With Every Wash

Linen feels soft and breathable by nature, and it gets even softer over time. Every time they go through the laundry your linen boxers will become more flexible.

Natural, Breathable Fibers

Linen is made of flax and is completely natural, which means that it’s just right for people who have skin sensitivities.

Available in Your Favourite Colours

We know how important it is to match your boxers to your clothes and your personality. We sell linen boxers in a range of colours to match your needs.

Casual, Comfortable and Relaxed

Linen is among the most relaxed materials. Developing a natural crumple over time, our boxers will crease and uncrease throughout the day as you wear them. When you take them off, your boxers will have taken on the natural shape of your body. They’ll be fit to you, all yours.

Made to Order

We don’t keep inventory, which means each pair of boxers is made to order, just like our duvets, curtains, sheets and pillow cases. Your boxers will be made to your specifications, and they’ll fit you perfectly.

Imagine yourself on a casual Saturday morning, just waking from a peaceful sleep. Now imagine you’re waking from a peaceful sleep on a Saturday morning while wearing Linenshed boxers. It completes the picture, doesn’t it?