Introducing custom made Blackout curtains

My definition of a luxury product is not necessarily one expensive, but one which has been crafted with the highest care. At Linenshed, everything we do is about details in every piece.

Our Luxury bedding sets are impeccably designed and finished to ensure that wherever they are used all they ooze is elegance.

We are dedicated to making your life as comfortable as it should be through our Natural linens collection.  Our products define modernity in simple perfection.

 One who understand the importance of the comfort that great linen drapes provide to any room should stop by Linenshed and discover our extensive line, from the pure linen basic drapery to the most sophisticated one featuring ruffles or bow ties.

We take pride in providing already fabulous natural Linen curtains for many family homes and small bed and breakfasts.

Now that you are already familiar with our quality linen bed linens, just add that warmth to your bedroom windows that will ensure that you drift to the slumber land with a smile on your face.

This is why it is the right time to invest in perfect 100 % linen window curtains made to order for you and your loved ones.

Our new custom made curtains are specifically designed with black out lining to ensure that your sleep is not obstructed by light. We know the dangers that come with lack of enough sleep. Failure to have adequate sleep is hazardous to your health. It causes weird mood swings, headaches and eventually affects your overall performance at work. When designing our linen window curtains we prioritise on having end products that conform to our customer’s needs.

Apart from preserving your natural linen curtains beauty through prevention of direct sunlight, black out lining protects you from cold and heat. The lining is unique and it’s made of a beige tone polyester material to give it a sophisticated outlook. After investing in this exquisite product you are guaranteed of having a productive day at work after a perfect night’s sleep.

Our latest full black out custom made curtains are also suitable for any room use!

Any room can benefit from these blackout curtain drapes.

It’s not only adding privacy to a bedroom, it is also a great energy saver and will protect your linen curtains from fading by blocking outside light.

The blackout lining is made from 100% heavy weight polyester in a neutral camel tone, and stitched to the upper seam only to preserve the natural flow of the linen drapes.

Choose either back tabs for sliding on a rod or woven heading tap if you wish to hang the curtain on a railing.

Sold individually. The curtain can be customised to any size upon request. Ask for a quote now !