Great linen bedding made affordable

At Linenshed, we offer direct maker-to-consumer high-quality linen sheets. Our direct maker-to-consumer approach allows us to quickly get you the products you want while giving you a degree of customization not available in the traditional shopping lifecycle. Learn more about our approach to great linen bedding and how it benefits you. 



Why Linenshed's Direct maker-to-Consumer Approach is Better

Traditionally, products are made in a factory according to different specifications, such as size and color. Items are then inventoried and stocked, either in a physical or online store. These products then get ordered by customers like you, shipped, and inventory decreases until finally an item is sold out.

When it comes to specialty goods such as linen bedding, items may be out of stock for a long time until new products are made. 
This is bad news for consumers who want the perfect gift item or special treat! You may spend hours looking at linen sheets online only to find that the color you want is unavailable until further notice.

Additionally, making and storing goods until the customer orders them is expensive. The manufacturer must charge higher prices to cover storage costs. As a result, you pay more -- not for quality but to cover costs. 

Linenshed's direct maker-to-consumer approach means that no products are made and sitting on the shelf. We customize the product color, cut, and style only when you order an item. This allows us to fulfill your orders faster while passing our manufacturing savings on to you, the customer. The end result is a higher value for the money product that's made according to your wishes and arrives quickly every time. 

If you would like to order bespoke linen sheets, Duvet Covers, Bedspreads or anything else, start by browsing our inventory. Choose your preferred color and order the item with confidence, knowing that it will be made within 4-6 days and on your doorstep in just 5-8 days.